Sales Volume and Market Share

In relation to the film industry, this may consist of the number of productions or the amount of revenue generated by film and TV production annually.

Market Share

Some film commissions may be concerned with market share. As a consequence, salespeople are sometimes required to measure market share or market penetration and are held accountable for a predetermined level of either or both. In film commission terms, this means; of the productions shot in the region (or country, province, state), what percentage did the individual commission land? It is important to note, however, that when dealing within a particular governmental structure, let’s use a state, for example, that while one municipality might get shooting days on a production, its neighboring municipality(ies) may gain hotel room nights, use of restaurants, lumber yards, other vendors. In other words, competition within a closed system can be counterproductive. In a state scenario, at the end of the day, if a production is filmed entirely within that state, then all municipalities gain via state taxes.