Regional Liaison Network

Educate and network with film commission contacts in communities throughout the region that are designated as the ‘film liaison’ for that area. Local liaisons will continue work with the film commission to provide location information, help conduct scouting trips, and provide contact information for the various permitting authorities and support services in their area. They would also provide a voice of support for the film industry within their community. These liaisons include: chambers of commerce, convention & visitor bureaus, economic development offices, and other public ssector agencies. They are the experts on the geography and services available in their region and understand the economic benefits.

Other associations and organizations such as the board of realtors, historical and architecture societies, cultural, arts and environmental groups, as well as local universities, may also be very valuable allies and partners. They bring specific expertise and typically great pride in their assets. The more your community understands the role of a film commission and the benefit of productions to the area at large, the better the support and the cooperation.