Regional Benefits

The creation of a film commission results in a cost-effective investment of public/private dollars. A film commission’s efforts lend themselves directly to the employment of the regional workforce and to betterment of the region’s economy. These efforts are felt throughout the local communities, touching many businesses and individuals. Additionally, the display of a region’s locations on both the large and small screen, bet it in films, television series, commercials or other content, can provoke interest in an area and provide uptake in tourism from fans wanting to experience the location in their favorite forms of content.

The film commission may help build the region’s workforce and revenue base by providing the following services:

• Marketing the region as a filming location, recruiting out-of-region productions, and serving as a liaison to those productions
• Assisting in the development of the regional indigenous industry
• Providing pre-production and production services to filmmakers throughout the region
• Coordinating with federal, state/provincial and local government agencies to create favorable filming regulations and guidelines
• Maintaining the confidential nature of negotiations with associated industry individuals, businesses, and production companies
• Providing consumer protection information
• Serving as a spokesperson for the industry
• Serving as a regional clearinghouse for film production information