Negotiation Styles

The situation may also dictate what type of negotiation style you want to use. There are three different styles referred to as ‘Traditional negotiation styles.’ While you may naturally adopt one over the other it is important to realize different situations, and the people involved, can call for a different style.

• Soft Negotiation
o Little concern for the substance
o Most concerned with preserving the relationship
o Primary goal = get agreement

• Hard Negotiation
o Great concern for substance/outcome
o Little concern for relationship
o Primary goal = win

• Compromise Negotiation
o Substance and relationship equally important
o Primary goal = everyone equally happy

Conflicts need to be resolved quickly and hopefully to the satisfaction of everyone involved so whichever type of mediation you deem appropriate and how you decide to communicate, flexibility is very important.

Remember: Film Commissioners the world over face the same or similar types of conflicts. The AFCI network of members is the most valuable tool in your toolbox. Asking the advice of an AFCI colleague can be the most significant help you receive since no one understands your challenges better than another film commissioner.