Marketing and Advertising Your Film Commission

The level of marketing and advertising necessary for a given commission will, once again, come back to that film office’s mission and placement in regional hierarchy.


At the very least, every film office should have a functioning website. Here are a few functions of your commission’s website.

1. To effectively market the film commission’s region it is vital to have a live/active website
2. Link your website to other related regional sites (cities, counties, chambers of commerce, larger state or regional film commissions, AFCI, tourism boards, production/video companies, talent agencies, support service providers, crew, unions and guilds, etc.) to promote regional businesses and resources
3. Link website to film commission’s social media sites
4. Website may feature:
1. Contact information
2. Permit requirements and permitting process
3. Climate/weather
4. Current production news/opportunities
5. Location information
6. Film incentives
7. Production Guide that includes:
 Local producers & production companies
 Technical crew index
 Talent and casting resources
 Equipment and stages
 Vendors
 Post production facilities
 Multimedia support services
 Liaison representatives
 Green production guide, if possible (e.g. PGA Green Guide and Film California Green Guide
When creating or expanding a new film commission/office website keep in mind that the site will have at least two user groups:
1. Local film community
2. The industry you are trying to lure to your area
Digital Location Library linked to/on your website:
• Create and maintain a library of potential production locations
• This digital library enables a film commission to prepare tailored packages of location information/images to be sent quickly and cost effectively to clients via the Internet
• The location library is the heart of the office’s marketing efforts. The images provide location managers, producers, and directors with the logistical and technical information that is crucial in determining where a production is to be filmed
• Quality video clips are also effective for showcasing locations
• If you have permission and copyright clearance you may use clips from a production in your region, giving photo and video credits, as appropriate
• You can also produce your own videos or partner with other agencies or groups to post on video sharing sites, such as YouTube

Social Media/Internet Tools

• Google Ads
• Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram
• YouTube Commercials / Webisodes
• Google Earth Pro and Google Maps
• Online Advertising with the Online Trade Magazines
• IMDB pro – film commission listing
• Wikipedia profile for your film commission
• LinkedIn Pro business page and join industry groups
• App (mobile device applications)
Advertising components include:
• Brand identity – logos, etc.
• Brochures, ads
• Fact sheets
• Website
• Print ads
• Electronic/web media & banner ads
• Compiling current and usable e-mail and mailing lists
• Implementation of marketing plan to achieve goals and objectives