Level the Playing Field

If you’re really going to help people to help themselves, a good way to approach the problem is to try to provide the kinds of information and infrastructure that they may not be able to access or afford on their own. This does not necessarily mean providing funding for that snow machine or that hugely expensive camera. It means addressing the practical shortcomings that exist at a local level.

For some lucky film commissions, funding is provided for a basic film package consisting of digital video cameras, small amount of lighting, grip equipment, sound equipment and expendables (gels, etc.) Shared equipment accessible to local filmmakers can make a world of difference.

Another growing trend is for a film office to have an edit station with editing software and some of the bells and whistles too expensive for the average filmmaker. In this scenario, filmmakers can sign up to use the station to cut their film. Not only does this provide a much-needed avenue for filmmakers, it creates a sense of community, with the film office in the center of things.