Lesson Eight Putting it All Together

Understanding your priorities, building and strong budget and adjusting the priorities to meet changing funding, can be tricky, but gets easier with a bit of practice. Even seasoned film commissioners struggle to keep up with funding and budgeting issues from year to year. It is an area of the profession that requires constant vigilance, and new and creative ways to find and maintain the funding needed to do your job.

We have also included a detailed glossary of budget and financial terms that can be used as a reference tool for you. Note that the glossary is not comprehensive and terms may be used slightly differently if you work in government vs. a not for profit. Additionally, this glossary is based on accounting practices in the US. Most of the terms should be relevant regardless of where in the world you live, but some of them may be a little different depending on your region of the world. In that case you want to focus on the definition and knowing what the correct term is in your area.