Following Up On Your Action Plan

Communicate the Vision, Mission, Goals, and Approaches

It is imperative for leadership and management to create and embrace a plan, but if the rest of the staff doesn’t comprehend the direction and their role in achieving success, the job of management is much more difficult. Whether it’s a formal communication plan or the communication vehicles you already have in place, your organization’s goals should be front and center every day through vehicles such as employee meetings, newsletters, formal and informal discussions, and individual staff goals.

Monitor Progress and Adjust the Plans

Once the plan has been formulated, make a commitment to follow through. Spend time at least weekly or monthly reviewing progress, discussing roadblocks and brainstorming solutions. You might think of the plan as a road map. On any route mapped out, there may be a need to adjust your route when new information comes your way. Formalizing and institutionalizing who owns and drives the plans, when they are reviewed and how adjustments are made is another critical element of your strategic plan.

Measure Outcomes

Measurements ensure that you know where you are in relation to achieving your goals. When measuring outcomes consider whether or not deadlines are being met, and why or why not? What do financial indicators tell you? Are they on track for meeting your goals? Can adjustments be made to ensure success? Is the volume what you expected? Should goals be adjusted up or down based on what you’ve experienced so far? Use your measurements to keep track of what is working and consider what may need to change and how. Accurate assessment of results will help you determine whether or not a goal needs to be relinquished.

Celebrate Successes

When an organization focuses on and celebrates success, it tends to create more success. The “success factor” becomes ingrained in the organization’s culture and it becomes something that people look for, focus on, and expect. Succeeding at business – reaching organizational goals – is hard work. For management and staff alike, celebrating the successes of the plan at each milepost does several things: it highlights the groups’ efforts, reenergizes everyone for the next steps, and demonstrates that you are sticking to your plan.

Celebrations can take many forms and should match your corporate or organizational culture.