Filming in Business Areas

We have covered this above, but it is also important to post fliers in business areas with contact info of the location department, so that business owners or citizens can call or email with questions or concerns. This simple practice is the best way to eliminate the majority of issues.

Safety!   The expression ‘Safety First’ is one that applies to every single film shoot, regardless of size. Film activity by nature has safety hazards even if only as simple as electrical cable being stretched across a sidewalk. Each of the major studios has a production safety expert on staff or on contract, and this person can be a life saver (literally and figuratively!) for a film commission or film liaison. Their job is to ensure safety practices are being upheld for both the crew and the citizens. In the U.S., union productions require that an Emergency Medical Technician be on site during all construction and during principle photography.

Special Effects: You will want to know if there are any special effects planned for the scenes to be shot in your area. Special Effects Coordinators, in some countries, have to have special federal licenses to handle pyrotechnics and other effects. In some jurisdictions, it is the local or state fire marshal/chief who will need to authorize the use of particular explosives, use of fire, etc. and this will require special fire permits, which are the responsibility of the Special Effects Department.

Stunts: Like special effects, stunt players have to have sufficient training to do their dangerous work. Some stunts will literally have to be clear with the company’s insurance carrier and risk management department. Often special effects and stunts will be working together in cases such as: the simulation of a man on fire; the flipping of a car that bursts into flames; the collapse of a building as a stunt player exits.