Film Fund

Of course, the Calling Card still requires something that all local filmmakers clearly need: money. Many countries in Europe have strong government funding for local film of historical or cultural merit. Yet many proactive countries with a strong developmental edge don’t seem to come close to that. Helping filmmakers to help themselves to find money is one of the biggest headaches of the job.
However, all is not lost. What you may have in your area is a handful of smaller funding sources – culture departments or art development agencies, for instance, that may occasionally put small amounts of money into independent local films. How about using your influence to get that money pooled into an independent film fund that can be marketed and promoted to local filmmakers?

At this stage, these are simply a few broad strokes of ideas to get you thinking. Nevertheless, you can expect this factor of film commission work to continue growing in the years ahead.

Another trend is crowdsourcing. Whether it is with Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Seed&Spark, or others, the idea is raising funds through an internet site, starting with friends and family and hopefully going viral.