Film Commissioner Job Description

The Executive Director, Director or Film Commissioner is generally responsible for planning, directing, and supervising the programs and services as described below.

• Administering the jurisdiction’s programs for film planning and promotion directed at inducing motion picture, television and other media production to work in the area.
• Planning presentations, making high-priority contacts, and pitching the jurisdiction’s advantages to studio, independent motion picture and television studios, production companies and other media production projects.
• Preparing and developing the annual operating budget for the office and presenting it to the government authority responsible for approving the budget and/or working on proposals and grants as funding sources for the film office.
• Assisting in all aspects of on-location production through coordination and negotiation with producers and filmmakers, regional businesses, agencies, municipalities, and the private sector.
• Meeting with and escorting filmmaking personnel interested in filming in the jurisdiction to perspective location sites.
• Coordinating and conducting all promotions through direct contact, the website, and attendance at various seminars, film festivals, film markets, trade shows, and other relevant events.
• Overseeing the creation, expansion, and updating of the film office website and production guide if offered, as well as managing the organization’s social media/online sites.
• Coordinating a liaison network within the jurisdiction’s municipalities and member organizations to assist with location searches, business inquiries, and residents’ concerns in the participating communities.
• Planning and directing all advertising in industry-related publications, working with tourism and economic development departments/agencies in joint advertising campaigns, and coordinating efforts with other film offices.
• Presenting informational briefings to media, organizations and civic groups, including county and city municipalities throughout the jurisdiction.