Drivers: Low Responsiveness – High Assertiveness

People who fall into the Drivers quadrant are typically characterized by these positive and negative traits:

(+)                                  (-)
Independent                     Pushy
Results-Oriented         Domineering
Candid                      Authoritarian
Pragmatic                  Shortsighted

Drivers want to get things done. They are results-oriented, well organized and ready to work. At times, they may be seen as “cold” because they are low on the Responsiveness scale. They are less attuned to emotions and feelings and much more motivated to accomplish something. If they feel threatened, they will try to take over. Do not compete with Drivers in your group. Instead, solicit their help in staying organized and remaining on task. Appreciate what Drivers can bring to a group and use it to your group’s advantage.

If you are a Driver and are looking for ways to grow and develop into a more versatile leader, Merrill and Reid suggest some things to work on:

• Listen more than you speak
• Practice speaking provisionally rather than in absolutes
• Consider the feelings of others