Think Before you Click

If you have something to say that could be problematic, opt for a phone conversation instead of an email. Emails can accidentally or intentionally go to the very person you DON’T want to have see it. If you do have to send an email, check and double check that you aren’t overstating details, not reacting from emotions and make sure that you are NOT sending an abrasive tone that would make you appear unprofessional or unstable. This is not a time for fast typing and sending. Take the time to read it over. Better yet, walk away from your computer and calm down before returning to it. Read it again – and make sure it ONLY goes to the party intended. Also make sure there are no threads to an email that you do not want to go forward and be cautious if you choose “Reply All.” Always review who the individuals are that are included in the email chain.

If you do need to send a confidential email, clarify CONFIDENTIAL in the email subject line. Also ensure the receiver is made very clear of that fact, and that you are entrusting them to maintain that confidence.

Facebook and Twitter or any other social media or online sites are to promote your film office and region’s successes and assets and to share tips and valuable information. It is not a place to vent, whine or put a negative tone to your professional organization. Remember, social media creates a paper trail, even if it is an electronic one. It is a means of marketing – and just as you wouldn’t want to see negative representation of your commission anywhere, be conscious you are not creating unwanted negative representation yourself.

It is always good to work with people that you can trust and that have expertise. However, there are always situations that extend beyond the most ideal professional arrangements.  Regardless of the circumstance, remember you have the ability to uphold your professional instincts, which will allow you to always appear in the best light, regardless of the circumstance.