Supportives: High Responsiveness – Low Asswertiveness

People who fall into the Supportive quadrant are typically characterized by these positive and negative traits:

(+)                                                                           (-)
People-Oriented                                           Inattentive to Task
Diplomatic                                                       Conflict Avoider
Dependable                                                         Dependent
Supportive                                                           Permissive

Supportives are the people who want everyone to get along. They will go out of their way to make sure everyone feels included in the group process, even at the expense of not completing the task. They are the “harmonizers” and help groups steer clear of needless conflict. If they feel attacked, they will acquiesce in order to bring harmony back to the group. Appreciate what Supportives can bring to a group and use it to your group’s advantage.

If you are a Supportive and are looking for ways to grow and develop into a more versatile leader, Merrill and Reid suggest some things to work on:

• Initiate
• Be prepared
• Find a constructive way to be assertive
• Initiate action