Relationship Marketing

Sales representatives provide various services to customers: consulting on their problems, rendering technical assistance, arranging finance, and expediting delivery.

For film commissioners, it is generally the commissioner or director of the office that makes the in-person visits. And at times, they will even bring their high-ranking officials with them, such as a Cabinet Secretary, Governor, Minister of Culture, Provincial or Federal official or Royalty.

Careful attention to individual needs and requirements is a powerful form of marketing for film commissions. Key clients really appreciate the personal attention they receive in one-on-one meetings, This is just one part of a process that has become known as “customer relationship management” (CRM). Sometimes film offices will have representatives that live in a foreign location. A number of international representatives from areas including the UK have a marketing office in the hub of the Hollywood industry facilitates personal contact and introductions to key industry players. Such personal selling enables precision-targeting, personalization, detailed knowledge of consumers, fast responses and flexibility.