Regions View Film Tourism Differently

As is true for most areas of our work as film commissioners, the ability to quantify, not just qualify, the effect that film, television and media have on our jurisdiction has become increasingly more important.

For some, the crew, actors, director, producers that come to their jurisdiction to film are considered “tourists” and are quantified as such. Tourism departments often have analysis for the value of a single tourist for a single day and will then plug in the number of film-related “tourists” over the applicable number of days as tourism’s economic impact.

Other regions strictly categorize that data under film’s economic impact and only include tourism induced by the making of a film or television program in the jurisdiction as the economic impact of a production.

Quantifying the effect of film tourism is perhaps the single most important piece to the puzzle. A report by Olsberg SPI on the impact of films on locations in England can be found in the resources folder for your review.