New Media and Technology

Technology and new media have a dramatic impact on the entertainment industry and production. Whether it is a new distribution platform, newer methods of creating media, or simply newer devices for accessing content. It can be difficult to keep up with the latest in the digital world let alone comprehend it all, but as video games revenues have surpassed theatrical box office revenues, it is important for film commissioners to at least have a basic understanding and awareness of the impact and the breadth of reach that this sector has on the overall industry. Video games and interactive web/mobile content is increasingly an important part of the ancillary content released prior to, or with a feature film. Thus, this may present new possibilities for job and business creation and expansion in your region, as well as marketing opportunities for your locations.

While traditional production is dependent upon accessibility to an international airport, hotel and other accommodations, this is not the case for post-production, visual effects, video game development, and other forms of new media.

While new media and technology are not addressed in-depth in this course, they will be covered in other AFCI courses. It is important for you to stay current or ahead of the curve as technology and media evolve at an unprecedented rate.