Networking is one of the most important things you can do to raise awareness of your film commission in the community. The AFCI marketing class will go into more detail regarding who to network with and why it is so important, but there are also unwritten rules and protocol around networking that can make your life much easier.

Try to attend Community / Regional / Provincial events and announcements at all levels. This shows you’re interested and engaged. Commission offices have to be able to work with whoever is in power. The key is to become known as a passionate supporter of your City/ Region/Province. Soon you are on all the invitation lists as you’re seen to be important to the well-being of the City/ Region/ Province. This helps your case when you have to ask for support, financially or otherwise.

However, attending some types of events can actually have a detrimental effect. Be very mindful, and if possible avoid attending political fundraisers as it brands you as a supporter of a particular party. Any party can be voted out or not voted in, so it is wise to remain neutral when it comes to party politics. Even attending as an individual rather than in your role with the film commission can cause issues. Know the rules.