Locating and Maintaining Clients

Locating new clients to target is a key function in a commission’s growth. The commission can identify those companies most likely to have interest in their jurisdiction and its attributes and the key decision makers within that company who have the final say in production decisions. Important information can be gathered effectively through inquiries and trade missions, visiting with these companies. In 2002 the Wales Screen Commission sent a fact finding mission to India to attract ‘Bollywood’ productions to the region. In an eight-day government-sponsored visit, the commission’s representatives met with senior producers in Mumbai and Chennai.

“We have been offered assistance in conducting a study which will help define our approach to Indian film makers in our marketing strategy. Bollywood productions enrich the portfolio of work we do. Whilst their economic impact is limited, welcoming them to Wales is all part of the mission to make Wales a film friendly nation. (The) visit is as much about perfecting the way we handle Bollywood productions as it is about attracting new ones.”

– Mike Wallwork, Wales Screen Commission’s National Coordinator

Gathering Marketing Intelligence

The salesperson must be alert to trends in the industry and to what the competitor is doing. Competitive knowledge is important when the salesperson faces questions involving jurisdictional comparisons, and information about competitors’ marketing efforts can be very useful.