Leadership Versus Management

A leader defines the direction of an organization and rallies people to a better future. Lead means “to show the way, guide in direction, influence.”

• Leaders are visionary – the set the direction of the organization
• Leaders are strategic thinkers –they consider possibilities and options, establishes strategies and defines goals
• Leaders are inspirational – they inspire others to work toward a common vision
• Leaders are transformational – they are able to bring about change through their strategic vision and ability to inspire others to action.

Leaders influence others in a way that encourages higher or better performance and personal development. They have integrity, dignity and respect for others.

A manager coaches individuals to success. Manage means “to bring about or succeed in accomplishing, influence”
• Managers coach individuals to success, making full use of each person’s abilities
• Managers recognize and reward success
• Managers align processes and systems to support progress
• Managers hire the right people to accomplish the organization’s goals

In small organizations the executive director must wear both the leadership and management hat. The ability of a director to function skillfully as both a leader and manager is a key component to the overall success of the organization. Keep in mind that these skills are developed daily, not in one day. Successful managers continually work to improve their skills through a never-ending process of self-study, education, training, and experience.

As a film commissioner your role will require that you use both leadership and management skills depending on the role you are playing and the outcomes you are looking for. It is important to know what your strengths and weaknesses are as both a leader and as a manager. While we can never be perfect in either role, if we are aware of our preferences and skills, we can look for opportunities to build on our strengths and either improve our weaknesses or find other people that can help support us in the areas where we need some help.