Leadership Model

Now that we have looked at the management skills you will need as a film commissioner, let’s take a more in-depth look at leadership.

You must go beyond a simple definition to conceptualize the meaning of leadership. The Align Leadership Model will be used to discuss the complex attributes of leadership. This model includes three key characteristics of leadership.

Leadership begins with the individual, the inner person. At the core of this is your character. Character is based on your values and traits and is expressed in your behaviors.

In part, your character is developed based on life experiences (family, childhood, cultural, spiritual, and interpersonal experiences).

These are your beliefs, viewpoints, and assumptions that you hold to be true regarding leadership, management, people and organizations in general.

Your leadership mindset is developed through a number of different experiences, including the environment in which you were raised as a child, your education, and your work. The people in your life have a significant influence on your leadership mindset. Your mindset can also evolve as your life experiences become more diverse.

The purpose (mission) of your organization defines the community, customers, and clients you serve and defines the context for the leadership skill set. The values of the organization are reflected in the mission and the way in which the organization operates.