Defining an Overall Mission

Is it your mission to:

1. Increase and maintain film, television, commercial and new media production and to proportionally increase the economic impact of the industry in your region?

2. Create jobs and business opportunities for your constituents by promoting and facilitating media production in your region?

3. Develop a strong workforce, talent base, essential vendors and services, postproduction and formal infrastructure in your region, in order to evolve from being a distant location to becoming a true production center?

4. Facilitate the permitting process of film and television productions that shoot in your region?

5. Provide coordination as the liaison between agencies, services, businesses, and film production?

These are a few potential goals. There are certainly many other ways to describe and define your office’s mission. You will notice that while all of the above have similarities, there are also very distinct differences.

For instance:

#3 is the mission of a high-level film office whose policy makers are committed to a long-range plan for the development of a permanent, sustainable film industry for that region.

#4 is probably a city, town or other small film office that handles the permitting of production and perhaps a state, provincial or national office deals with the film promotion, marketing, and financial incentives for that region.

While seemingly circular, your mission inherently determines the focus of your work, which helps determine the tasks that will lead to fulfilling the mission.