Analytics: Low Responsiveness – Low Assertiveness

People who fall into the Analytics quadrant are typically characterized by these positive and negative traits:

(+)                            (-)
Prudent            Quiet or uninvolved
Thorough                  Indecisive
Task-Oriented              Nitpicky
Systematic               Impersonal
Bureaucratic           Procrastinator

Analytics have a very strong quality orientation. Where Expressives offer multiple solutions and Drivers just want to get to a solution that works, Analytics are looking for the right solution and will weigh all the factors before making that decision. The Analytics are perhaps the most ignored and most underappreciated style in a group.

Analytics are seen as “the quiet people.” Rather, while the Expressives are talking and the Drivers are trying to get something accomplished, the Analytics are thinking. They are considering all the options presented and weighing which one is the best. The Analytics are the ones who can validate if you have come to the right decision or not. However, if they feel attacked or threatened, they will withdraw and you will lose their input completely. Appreciate what Analytics can bring to a group and use it to your group’s advantage.

If you are an Analytic and are looking for ways to grow and develop into a more versatile leader, Merrill and Reid suggest some things to work on:

• Declare
• Take a stand
• Set schedules or deadlines
• Appreciate your teammates