Action Plan

This is the “how” part of the plan, often referred to as tactics.

Once executive management has agreed to strategic priorities and SMART goals have been articulated, it’s time to put together the formal implementation, or tactical, plan. This additional planning ensures follow through of the strategic plan.

Here are the steps to complete an action plan:

Step 1: Prioritize
After spending a great deal of time on the planning process, it is rare that an organization sets too few goals. However, trying to accomplish too much can also be detrimental. The goals set need to be prioritized. What needs to be accomplished first or what is most important to the mission and vision of the organization?

Step 2: Determine how success is measured
Each goal should be measurable, but it can sometimes be tricky to determine how the organization will know if success has been reached. Take some time to discuss how the group will know if they have been successful in meeting the goal.

Step 3: Outline steps
Choose the top priorities for the year and outline steps that must be accomplished to reach that goal.

Step 4: Set a timeline
Create a timeline for each prioritized goal and put the chosen steps into the timeline. Be sure that each step has a due date.

Step 5: Assign responsibility
When in the midst of a planning process, it is tempting to outline the goal and actions and assume that someone will take care of it. Nothing will be done if someone is not accountable for the goal.