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Understanding how films are envisioned, made, and distributed is an important aspect of being a successful film commissioner. This course examines topics such as finding and using material, working with writers, raising financing, getting a green light, shooting a movie, post production, distribution and marketing, and the future of the industry as it relates to technology — all from the perspective of the producer.

This course will take you through the intricacies of film development, production, postproduction, distribution and marketing via the role of the producer. In general, the more we understand the full spectrum of the film business, the more empowered, the more prepared and the more confident we will be. 

This course also gives insight into the world of writers. As a film commissioner, you are likely to have interactions with local writers who ask for your support. For most of us, it is not possible (or ethical) to broker a deal for a writer with a producer or director, but we may find that it is appropriate to assist a local writer with the many obstacles he or she will inevitably face. To whatever degree possible, success on a local level is extremely important and supporting your local/indigenous film community is an essential, valuable part of a film commissioner’s job.