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Welcome to Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Sensitivity Training! This course is composed of six videos, called “modules”. Each video takes between ten to twenty minutes to watch. After each module, you will be required to pass a quiz before progressing to the next module. If you have any questions during the quiz, or find you answer any questions incorrectly, you may review the video content and retake the quiz. The quizzes are designed to be taken as many times as necessary for you to pass.

The Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Sensitivity Training course was created as a joint venture between AFCI and Amanda Blumenthal, who provides the instruction presented in each module.

Amanda Blumenthal is an experienced intimacy professional, and the found of Intimacy Professionals Association (IPA). Through this organization she trains intimacy coordinators and connects productions with certified intimacy coordinators as well as consultants who are experts on topics related to gender and sexuality. Amanda has done consulting work and intimacy coordinator training for companies like Netflix and Sony, both in the US and in international markets.

Prior to her career as an intimacy coordinator, she worked as a sex and relationship coach with private clients. Amanda has been actively involved with advocacy work related to sexuality since college, serving in leadership positions in groups such as Advocates for Survivors of Sexual Assault and Sex Positive Los Angeles. As a member of these groups she has led workshops on LGBTQIA+ topics, consent, kink, and many other subjects. She graduated from the University of Southern California School of Gerontology with a degree in Human Development and Aging.